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In 1992 Lucien den Arend started planning an exhibition of five Finnish sculptors and painters: Jorma Hautala, Kari Huhtamo, Matti Kujasalo and Matti Peltokangas - to take place in The Netherlands.


OPAM Sculpture Park in Holland.

OPAM Sculpture Park in Holland was initiated by Lucien den Arend and realized between 1992 and 1996


At that time the seven cities and towns along these three rivers set up a project organization, Projectbureau Drechtoevers, to make a study of their river banks and make proposals and plans for housing and recreation on these former industrial areas. Den Arend presented his ideas for an international sculpture park in the center of the area - at the junction of the three rivers. It was a concept the organization had been waiting for. The sculpture park plans were combined with their proposals and den Arend went forward and interested the Dutch Sculptors' Association, for which he had just been asked to become its secretary for a second period and set up a foundation for the the sculpture park. Just before her visit to Finland in 1995, he informed Queen Beatrix, a patron of the arts and a sculptor herself; and she asked Zwijndrecht to see the location of the future sculpture park during her official visit to the area. from then on nothing could go wrong anymore and in June of 1996 Beatrix opened the sculpture park.


Whenever sculptures are installed in the open air ...